Hanging could refer to a very large number of issues that you may be experiencing.
Let's try to figure out which is the most plausible solution for your hanging problem:

When using the Saleboat Android App please check that:

  • You have the LATEST version of Saleboat from the Play Store
  • Your device has data or an internet connection
  • You are logged in with your username & password
  • Your device's location is ON
  • Your device's battery over 30%
  • Power Saving Mode is OFF 

When using Chrome please check that:

  • You have an active internet connection
  • You have cleared your cache
  • You are not trying to reload an expired page

Chrome: close completely & re-open it. Navigate to https://web.saleboat.co.za/ and please try again.

App: Close Saleboat as you would any other app on your device. Find the Saleboat icon on your device & open it once again.

If you've reached the end of this article, you have checked each point & your problem has not been solved - please send a message to our friendly support staff who will gladly assist you.

You can do this by messaging them within Saleboat:
Main Menu > Help > New Conversation

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