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Within Performance, you will find the Key Performance Indicators pertaining to the user. Each of these cards gives a detailed overview of the statistics for the user.

Average Meetings to Close
From the very first tele-canvass phone call made, to the tele-development calls & face-to-face meetings in between - up to the point that they are converted from a Prospect to a Client.

Current Active Prospects
This is the number of prospects that a user has and that are actively being contacted (at least once in a 30 day cycle)

Current Active Clients
This is the number Clients that a user has

Current Unseen Clients
This is the number of clients & prospects that a user has that have not been contacted (at least once in a 30 day cycle)

The percentages at the bottom of the cards allow users and their managers to see how much better or worse they are doing when compared to their team.

Below is a graphic representation of the activity that has taken place within a specific date range (set by you).
It shows you how many new Prospects were added within this time & how many Prospects were converted into Clients.

Prospect/Client Ratio
With this feature, you can see exactly the amount of prospects versus clients.

This pie chart is a useful tool that will allow you insight into what any particular rep or team spends their time on within a specific date range.

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