Plus Button > Prospect/Client

Press on the Plus Button in the bottom right of your screen:

Select Prospect/Client

They require: a Name, an Address & a Phone Number. 

The address line should begin auto-completing as you are typing & you will need to select the correct address from the given list.

Please ensure that you select the correct option - Either a Prospect or Client.

If you have more information about the Prospect or Client, click on the MORE button:

This will allow you to fill in even more information about the Prospect/Client before you create it.

Once you have filled in all of the information, click CREATE and the Prospect/Client will be created.

Tip 1: Telephone numbers may have spaces in them but no brackets or hyphens may be included.

Should you be having an issue with Prospect/Client creation, please contact the Saleboat Support team who will gladly assist you.

You can do this by starting a conversation with them in Saleboat
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