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Meeting Notes are all forms of communication; be it phone calls and/or meetings that any user has had with a particular Client or Prospect.
These notes are easily accessible both within a Meeting for ease of reference & in the Activity for each Client.

Adding Meeting Notes (in Chrome)

To add meeting notes after a meeting has been concluded- in Chrome, follow these steps:

  1. Main Menu > Meetings
  2. Past (tab)
  3. Find the Meeting in question & click on it to open Meeting Details
  4. Click Notes on the left
  5. Click Add Note to add your notes - this will log the date & time the note was taken
  6. Click on the date to open the note taking bar
  7. Enter your Title and Notes as you normally would
  8. Click or press away, anywhere on the screen, away from the note taking field to save your notes.

Please note that this will then record the new time (or date) that these notes were added - in the event that you were not able to add notes immediately.

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