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This is tool is designed to help you make better use of your time. It also makes your efforts more efficient. 

This feature allows you to:

  1. Schedule your day according to client location with the Radius Slider, to minimize wasted travel time.
  2. Check which clients or prospects appear in a specific area.
  3. See potential prospects that have not been added yet, using the Google Maps businesses API. In other words you can see companies who have a presence on Google in relation to where you may already have prospects or clients.
  4. Use Street View to take a ground level look at the business or road, to ensure you don't get lost and find the correct entrance.

The RED pin represents where you are.
BLUE pins with GREY hooks are your Prospects
BLUE pins with ORANGE fish are your Clients.
By pressing on a pin your GPS will open and direct you to that Client or Prospect.


Left click on a pin to open Google Maps in a new tab.
Right click on a pin to open the Client Details page, in a new tab.

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