If you have forgotten what your Password is, you can reset it in Chrome by following the instructions outlined below:

Option 1
Click on the blue "forgot your password?" text on the Saleboat login screen

Once you click on "forgot your password?", you'll be presented with the screen below and you'll need to enter the email address associated with your Saleboat account in order to reset it.

Please ensure that you enter the relevant email address and that everything is spelled correctly. Once you have entered the email address, please click "SUBMIT"

Make sure to check your email inbox for an email from SALEBOT - yes, Salebot, he's our little helper when passwords are forgotten.
Option 2
You can go to your manager and ask them what your Username is. You can also ask them to reset your Password for you by following this directory:

Main Menu > Organisation > Users > User > Manage Account

If, for some reason you were unable to reset your password, please Start a conversation from the Help button in your Saleboat Main Menu.
You will be chatting to one of our friendly support staff who will then assist you.

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