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If you are the Captain or Officer of an account, you have the ability to delete any Prospects or Clients from Saleboat at your own discretion.

Please note:
This action is IRREVERSIBLE.
Once deleted, a Client or Prospect & their communication will be removed from Saleboat entirely.

How to delete:

You will need to navigate to your Prospects & Clients list.
From here, search for the relevant company & click on their name.
This will take you to the profile of the relevant Prospect or Client.

On the left of the Details, you will be presented with this menu:

The very last option is DELETE. Once pressed, you will be presented with a screen where you will need to enter your password in order to confirm that this is what you want to do:

If you are sure that you're deleting the correct Prospect or Client, go ahead and enter your Saleboat password & click on Delete when you are done.

Should you be having an issue with delete, please contact the Saleboat Support team who will gladly assist you.

You can do this by starting a conversation with them in Saleboat
Main Menu > Help

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