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Within Performance, you will find the Key Performance Indicators pertaining to the Entire organisation.

If you are looking for your own stats or one particular user, you can find this performance dashboard in the profile.

The first drop down allows you to choose a particular team.

You can then use the Start and End date pickers to choose the date range you wish you view.

There are buttons below these which correspond to the reports on the labels. Each report is affected by the team selection and date range. There are PDF and CSV options.

Each of the cards below these report buttons displays insight pertaining to the Organisation or Team selected.

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Average Meetings to Close

This card gives insight into how many meetings it takes on average to convert a prospect to a client. from the very first meeting to the last.

Current Active Prospects

This is the number of prospects that a user has and that are actively being prospected.

Current Active Clients

This is the number Clients that a user has in their database

Current Unseen Clients

This is the number of clients & prospects that a user has that have not been contacted in the selected neglected duration - set by management
Please click on the button below to read more about the Settings:

New Prospects - Conversion Rate

Below is a graphic representation of the activity that has taken place within a specific date range (set by you).
It shows you how many new Prospects were added within this time & how many Prospects were converted into Clients.

Prospect to Client Ratio

With this feature, you can see exactly the amount of Prospects versus Clients.


This pie chart is a useful tool that will allow you insight into what any particular rep or team spends their time on within a specific date range.

Products (See Deals)

This bar-graph gives insight into the opportunity of each product/service within your pipeline compared to the actual revenue received so far


This pipeline is a graphical representation of open deals (Opportunities) separated by both pipeline stage and product/service
You are able to filter the pipeline by product/service category 

Location Comparison

This bar-graph displays the meeting data in relation to whether they were on or off site and by how far.

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