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Meeting Details are available for Upcoming Meetings as well as Past Meetings.
Main Menu > Meetings > Upcoming Meetings

For Upcoming Meetings, the Meeting Details will look like this:

Here you may edit or alter any details for the Upcoming Meeting so that all the details recorded are correct.

Main Menu > Meetings > Past Meetings

For Past Meetings, the Meeting Details page will look like this:

The information captured is listed below:

  • Who the Meeting was with.
  • The nature of the meeting (call-type or meeting-type).
  • The Actual (recorded) address, where you checked-in to the meeting.
  • The Original address; where you should have been.
  • Scheduled start time.
  • Actual start time.
  • End time & Duration.
  • Contact Person & Contact Number.

This page serves as a way to review the meeting that you just attended

If you weren’t at the correct address, it will show you the address it recorded, so if need be you can change the address on the company’s profile

You can also view the actual start and end of the meeting to better help you manage your time

You can view the notes you took in the meeting from here as well

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