Plus Button > Meeting 

In order to create a Meeting card, we need to schedule a meeting using the Plus Button.

Select Meeting

Select either the Prospect or Client option. 

We must now choose the Type of meeting that will be taking place. 

The first 5 types are face to face and will produce Green Cards, the last 2 are phone calls which will produce Purple Cards.

For more information about the cards that these meeting types will create, please click the buttons below:

Now we must select which Client or Prospect the meeting is with. 

The list is in alphabetical order and includes search functionality. Simply start typing the name & the form will suggest client names to you.

We must now select the date and time that we are scheduling the meeting for:



You may wish to start the meeting immediately and not schedule a meeting date or time, to do this, simply press the Start Meeting Now, checkbox, this will not make a card on your dashboard, you will be transported directly to the Taking Notes Page.

Whether you're scheduling a meeting for a future date or have selected 'Start Meeting Now', you need to select a contact with which the meeting is taking place, if you don't have a contact previously loaded, the meeting will simply be with an Initial Contact - a placeholder.

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