Plus Button > Meeting 

In order to create a Meeting card, we need to schedule a meeting using the Plus Button.

Select Meeting

Select either the Prospect or Client option. 

We must now choose the Type of meeting that will be taking place. 

The first 5 types are face to face and will produce Green Cards, the last 2 are phone calls which will produce Purple Cards.

Now we must select which Client or Prospect the meeting is with. 

The list is in alphabetical order and includes search functionality. Simply start typing the name & the form will suggest client names to you.

We must now select the date and time that we are scheduling the meeting for:



You may wish to start the meeting immediately and not schedule a meeting date or time, to do this, simply press the Start Meeting Now, checkbox, this will not make a card on your dashboard, you will be transported directly to the Taking Notes Page.

Whether you're scheduling a meeting for a future date or have selected 'Start Meeting Now', you need to select a contact with which the meeting is taking place, if you don't have a contact previously loaded, the meeting will simply be with an Initial Contact - a placeholder.

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