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Calendar gives you a daily, weekly or monthly overview of all appointments scheduled within Saleboat.

Please click on the button below to be redirected to our training video on the Calendar:

Each of the items are colour-coded for ease of reference:

  • Green = Meetings
  • Purple = Calls
  • Blue = TasksĀ 

This is an example of a calendar view. This allows you to see both past an future meetings.

If you'd like to see some quick info about any particular meeting, call or task; simply click on it and you'll get a window at the bottom of your screen that will display some basic info for you. Like anything in Saleboat, if you click on the blue text, you'll be directed to somewhere else that has more information for you.

When you click on an open slot in the calendar, you'll be able to schedule a meeting. Cool, right?

You will get the usual create meeting form - the same one if you create a meeting from the Plus Button - but now, the date will be automatically filled in.

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