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If, at any stage, a Client or Prospect needs to be moved to a different rep, you can follow these steps to transfer the Client or Prospect along with all of the communication between your Organisation and the Client/Prospect.

If you are a Captain or an Officer, you may reassign any Clients or Prospects (even if they are Dormant) to anyone in your Organisation.
If you are a Sailor, you may not reassign any Prospects or Clients.

To Reassign Clients and/or Prospects, read on:

In the Clients list:

Below the Filter bar, you will find this button:

Once you click on Reassign, you will be directed to this page:

Here you will need to select the user from which you will be moving the Prospect or Client.

Once you have selected the correct user, you will need to select whether you are moving Prospects, Clients or Dormant.

 You will then need to search for the name: 

The name of the selected transfer will pop up under To User.
Next, you'll need to select the user to which the Prospect or Client will now be assigned.

Note: You may transfer more than one Prospect or Client at a time.

When you are satisfied that all of the information is correct, you may click Submit.

You will be asked to confirm your selection.
Please click Confirm.

If you wish to Transfer All, please ensure that you are transferring the correct category (Prospects, Clients, Dormant) to the correct user.

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